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P2V Assistant Cannot Clone a Windows NT 4.0 System that has a System Utility Partition (1748)


P2V Assistant 2.0.1 is running in a Windows NT 4 virtual machine. When I attempt to clone a disk of a physical Windows NT machine that has a diagnostics or utility partition, a Timeout while detecting volumes error message appears. What can I do to successfully clone the disk?


This problem occurs specifically when using P2V Assistant running on a Windows NT 4.0 guest to clone and reconfigure a Windows NT 4.0 disk with diagnostic partitions.

Ensure that you are using P2V Assistant 2.0.3 or later, and do one of the following to work around this problem:

  1. Clone the disk using a third party tool and reconfigure the target disk using P2V Assistant. You will see the same message about the diagnostic partition; however, it is safe to delete that partition's contents on the target disk before reconfiguring it.

  2. Delete the diagnostic partition on the source disk and retry cloning the disk with P2V Assistant.

    Note: Prior to deleting the partition, you may need to edit boot.ini to decrement the partition number for the operating system.

    Caution: Deleting the diagnostic partition is not recommended, because this can adversely affect the source system. Check with the system manufacturer first.


1748; partimage; PowerQuest; P2i

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