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Reverting to a Previous Version of the VMware ACE Application While Preserving Virtual Machines (1738)


I upgraded an end user's VMware ACE package to use the latest version of the VMware ACE application. Now I want to revert to the end-user application that came with a previous version of VMware ACE. I want to be sure I preserve the virtual machines installed on the end user's computer. Do I need to take any special steps?


This article applies to any situation involving VMware ACE 1.0, prerelease versions of VMware ACE 1.0.1, and the released version of VMware ACE 1.0.1. It applies only when you are moving back from a more recent release to an earlier release on an end user's computer.

If you want to preserve the virtual machines installed on the end user's computer, you must take special steps before running the uninstaller for the VMware ACE package.

For purposes of illustration, assume that you have installed a package named JuneUpdate created by the most recent release and want to revert to the application that came with VMware ACE 1.0. Take the following steps to protect the virtual machines when you uninstall the VMware ACE package and revert:

  1. Using the version of VMware ACE Manager to which you want to revert (version 1.0 in this example) and the project that was used to create the package currently installed on the end user's computer, create a package that contains only the application.
  2. Go to the end user's computer. Note the name of the folder that holds the virtual machine files on the end user's computer, then rename the folder. This protects the virtual machine files while the VMware ACE uninstaller is running. The default location for the virtual machine files is \VMware\VMware ACE\. If is Contractor, for example, you might temporarily rename the folder to KeepThis.
  3. Uninstall the VMware ACE application from the end user's computer. Use the Add/Remove Programs control panel. The entry for VMware ACE uses the name assigned by the system administrator when the VMware ACE package was created -- in this example, JuneUpdate. Select that entry, then click Remove. Follow the onscreen instructions.
  4. Install the package that contains only the VMware ACE 1.0 application.
  5. Rename the folder that contains the virtual machines, restoring the original name. Using the example above, rename KeepThis to Contractor.

You can now run the virtual machines under the VMware ACE 1.0 application.


1738; ACE101

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