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Cannot Connect to Virtual Machines Stored on Network Drives Mapped as Drive Letters (1704)


I cannot connect with a console on a remote client to a virtual machine. The virtual machine does not appear in the inventory yet I know it exists. What is wrong?


If a virtual machine was created on a Windows Server 2003 host and is stored on a network share where the share is mapped as a drive letter, you cannot connect with a console on a remote client to the virtual machine.

Similarly, if the virtual machine on this share is configured to run as a specific user, you cannot connect to it with a console remotely. You cannot power it on or off, configure it, or even see it in your console's inventory.

To avoid this issue, use UNC paths to refer to virtual machines on remote systems (for example, use \\\, rather than V:).

Another option is to store the virtual machine's configuration file (.vmx) locally, and ignore any missing resource messages you may encounter when you power on the virtual machine.

If the virtual machine is configured to run as a specific user, you can install a console on the remote share, connect to the virtual machine, and configure it to run as the user who powers on the virtual machine.


gsx320; 1704

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