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Virtual Machine Fails to Boot with MONITOR PANIC Message in vmware.log File (1701)


My virtual machine starts booting but crashes even before VMware Tools starts, and I see the following message in the vmware.log file:


What can I do to fix this problem?


Because of the way in which different CPUs handle translation lookaside buffer (TLB) misses, a virtual machine may fail to boot under certain circumstances. In such cases, you see an error message similar to the following in the vmware.log file:

MONITOR PANIC: VMM fault: regs=0x2eb4, exc=14, eip=0x537b9, addr=0x800360a7

VMware has identified these differences between CPUs and released updated software to take these differences into account.

If you experience the problem described above, please update your software using one of the following:


URLZ; 1701

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