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Running HP Insight Manager 7.2 on a ESX Server 2.5 Machine (1575)


Can I use HP Insight Management agents with ESX Server 2.5?


Yes, you can. The initial release of ESX Server 2.5 contained an error which periodically caused a system operation delay. This error has been repaired, and the repair is available by applying VMware ESX Server 2.5 Patch 2 to your system.

The patch installs the vmkblk "service," which provides a workaround to this issue. This service should always be set to run.

Install the Insight Manager agents after you apply this upgrade patch. Installing the agents after upgrading ESX Server avoids restarting your server more than once.

1. Install VMware ESX Server 2.5 Patch 2.
2. Reboot the server as instructed on the download page.
3. Log in to the server and run /usr/sbin/
4. Install HP Management agents.

You may encounter a delay when attempting to access the HP Insight Manager Web page. See Knowledge Base Article 1615 for details on this issue.

If you have HP MSA1000 or MSA1500 storage arrays connected to QLogic HBAs in your ESX Server 2.5 system, see Knowledge Base Article 1630.

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