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More Than Two Concurrent Deployments from the Same SAN-based Virtual Machine Template or Across a Firewall Might Fail (1393)


Why does my deployment of more than two SAN-based virtual machines either simultaneously deployed or deployed across a firewall fail?


When you simultaneously deploy more than two new virtual machine from a template or create more than two clones from a virtual machine, the third virtual machine fails to be created. An NFC Error 4 is listed. This happens whether you are deploying to the same or different ESX Server hosts, or to the same or different storage volumes.

If a template is located on the VirtualCenter server, the concurrent deploy feature works correctly. Concurrent clones of a virtual machine work correctly independent of the location of the source virtual machine. Concurrent deployment of a template works correctly, only if all the deployed virtual machines are to the same destination host.

When you attempt a large number of virtual machine provisioning operations (such as deployments, cloning and migration) over a network with limited bandwidth, either the host becomes disconnected or some of the operations fail.

Indications include:

  • The host moves from a Connected to a Reconnecting state.
  • A message similar to Network copy failed appears, and the operation fails.

The number of concurrent deployments you perform can be limited, depending upon the type of firewall you are using. Some firewalls permit as few as two concurrent template deployments. Other firewalls permit as many as six or eight concurrent template deployments.

To resolve the problem, reduce the number of concurrent provisioning operations.


47118; 1393; 51772; virtual; center; vc130

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