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chkdsk Refuses to Check an NTFS Volume in a P2V'd Windows NT Virtual Machine (1265)


Why doesn't the disk checker work in my P2V'd Windows NT virtual machine?


When you try to run chkdsk.exe in a Windows NT virtual machine to check a disk volume, chkdsk fails with the following error message:

This NTFS volume was created or modified by a later version of Windows NT. This version of chkdsk cannot be run on this volume. You must boot the version of NT that created/modified this volume and run chkdsk from that installation.

This error message appears if you used a Windows 2000 system running P2V Assistant to perform a system reconfiguration on the Windows NT disk. When Windows 2000 accesses an NTFS volume created by Windows NT, it automatically upgrades the file system version to 3.0 or later. The files on the volume can still be accessed by Windows NT, but the chkdsk utility included with Windows NT is not able to check the volume for errors.

This issue is documented in the following Microsoft knowledge base article:

To resolve this problem:

  • If you are planning to migrate Windows NT systems using P2V Assistant, run P2V Assistant on a Windows NT host or helper virtual machine. Avoid using Windows 2000 or later.
  • If you have already migrated a Windows NT computer to a virtual machine using P2V Assistant in a Windows 2000 host or helper virtual machine, and you encounter this error when running chkdsk from within Windows NT, you can still check the disk's volume(s) for errors using the following procedure:
    1. Shut down and power off the Windows NT virtual machine.
    2. Temporarily attach the Windows NT virtual disk to an existing Windows 2000 virtual machine.
    3. Power on the Windows 2000 virtual machine.
    4. Check the Windows NT file systems using the chkdsk utility included with Windows 2000.
    5. Shut down and power off the Windows 2000 virtual machine.
    6. Detach the Windows NT disk from the Windows 2000 virtual machine.
    7. Power on the Windows NT virtual machine.


URLZ; 1265

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