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Reclaiming unused disk space in CapacityIQ (1033046)


When you want to reclaim some of the allocated disk space for CapacityIQ, decrease the size of the CapacityIQ hard disk.


To decrease the size of the hard disk, complete the following tasks:
  1. Create a smaller hard disk.
  2. Create the disk partition.
  3. Mount the new hard disk.
  4. Remove the old hard disk.
    To create a smaller hard disk:
    1. On the Status tab of the Administration Portal, click Stop to stop the CapacityIQ service.
    2. In the vSphere Client, power off the CapacityIQ virtual machine.
    3. Right-click the CapacityIQ virtual machine and select Edit Settings.
    4. Click Add.
      The Add Hardware wizard starts.
    5. Select Hard Disk.
    6. Select Create a new virtual disk.
    7. Set the disk size to a lower number, and select the Store with the virtual machine location.
    8. Leave the default values of the advanced options and click Finish.
    9. In the Virtual Machine Properties dialog box, click OK to save changes.
    To create the disk partition:
    1. In the vSphere Client, power on the CapacityIQ virtual machine.
    2. In the vSphere Client, click the Console tab for the CapacityIQ virtual appliance and wait for the appliance to start.
    3. Log in to the virtual machine as the root user.
    4. To start the setup of the disk partition, type fdisk /dev/sdc.
    5. Type n and press Enter.
    6. Type p and press Enter.
    7. Type 1 and press Enter.
    8. Press Enter to accept the default value.
    9. Press Enter again to accept the default value.
    10. Type p and press Enter.
    11. Type w and press Enter.
    12. To format the partition, type mkfs.ext3 -b 4096 /dev/sdc1.
      This command shows ext3 as the new partition with a 4096 block size.
    To mount the new hard disk as the root user:
    1. Create and mount a temporary directory, such as /newdata.
      # mkdir /newdata
      # mount /dev/sdc1/newdata
    2. Stop CapacityIQ.
      # service ciq stop
      # service ciqadmin stop
      # service postgresql stop
    3. To move the files in the /data directory to the /newdata directory, type mv /data/pgsql /newdata/pgsql.
    4. Unmount the /data directory and the /newdata directory and mount the new drive as /data.
      # umount /data
      # umount /newdata
      # mount /dev/sdc1 /data
    To remove the old hard disk in the vSphere Client:
  1. Shut down the virtual appliance.
  2. Right-click the CapacityIQ virtual machine and select Edit Settings.
  3. Remove Hard disk 2.
  4. Change SCSI (0:2) Hard disk 3 to SCSI (0:1).
  5. Power on the virtual appliance.
    When the appliance starts, /dev/sdc1 appears as /dev/sdb1 and the /data mount point points to /dev/sdb1.
For information about increasing the size of the hard disk in CapacityIQ 1.0.x, see

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