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Setting up license quantity and tracking licenses in VMware vCloud Request Manager (1031147)


This article guides you through setting up license tracking and associating it with a virtual application (vApp) in VMware vCloud Request Manager.


To set up license tracking:

  1. Start a compatible web browser.
  2. Enter the vCloud Request Manager Admin URL http://<hostname>/admin/.
  3. In the Login window, enter your Request Manager user name and password and click Login.
  4. Click CMDB Items in the Request Manager Admin Portal. This opens the New CMDB Item window.
  5. Click the list icon on the right of CMDB Item Type and Set CMDB Item Type to Software Product.
  6. Click search to get list of Software Products known to VMware vCloud Request Manager.
  7. Select the desired product and double-click to view software product details (for example, Windows XP).
  8. You see a new window with Transactions link under Licenses Menu on left hand side of Software Product Details Window. Click the Transactions link and on the right-hand side, click the Purchases tab.
  9. Click New in the right-hand bottom of the screen to open the New Purchase Window.

    Initially the Quantity is set to zero in the New Purchase Window. Set the Quantity to the number of licenses available and click OK to save and close the window.

  10. Go to the admin portal, click CMDB Items, change the CMDB Item Type to vApp Template, and click Search. (This is located under vDC Resource under Configuration Item.)

    This lists the vApp Templates currently configured in vCloud Director.

  11. Double-click the template on the right-hand side that you wish to associate a Software Product/License against.
  12. Click Transaction Link with the vApp Template Details open. You can see that there are five areas in which software licenses can be associated with this vApp Template.
  13. In the VM 1 Software Licenses search field, you can enter a search string and click the spy-glass search icon. This automatically searches the Software Product and chooses the appropriate option.

Note: VMware vCloud Request Manager gives you the option to specify up to 5 licenses per vApp. They are shown as VM 1, VM 2, VM3, VM 4 and VM 5. You can associate other licenses for the vApp Template using VM2, VM3, etc.

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