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Black screen when logging into a VMware View virtual desktop using PCoIP (1028332)


You see a black screen when logging in to the VMware View virtual desktop.


Each step below provides instructions and a link to a document, for performing the step and taking corrective action as necessary. The steps are ordered in the most appropriate sequence to isolate the issue and to identify the proper resolution. They are also ordered in the most appropriate sequence to minimize data loss. After each step, try to connect or reconnect to your virtual desktop via PCoIP. Work through each troubleshooting step in order, and do not skip a step.

If you see a black screen when using PCoIP:

  1. Verify that the View desktop is using the correct video driver. For more information, see The PCoIP server log reports the error: Error attaching to SVGADevTap, error 4000: EscapeFailed (1029706).

  2. Verify that no disclaimers or login banners are being used when PCoIP is the display protocol. For more information, see Black View Client log in screen when using PCoIP (1016961).

  3. Verify that you have allocated enough video memory for the resolutions you plan to present to the clients. For more information, see Creating View desktops causes the vCenter Server error: The operation is not supported on the object (1017380).

  4. Verify that a port exists for the virtual desktop. For more information, see Increasing the number of ports assigned to a VMware View virtual switch (1026014).

  5. Verify that the agents were installed in the correct order. For more information, see Configuring PCoIP for use with View Manager (1018158).

  6. Verify that the network is configured correctly. For more information, see:

  7. Increase the virtual desktop color quality setting. For more information, see Increasing the color quality from 16-bit to 24-bit in a Windows XP virtual desktop (1004759).

If the issue still persists after completing the steps in the article:



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08/23/2011 - Added View Manager 4.6 to Products. 12/30/2011 - Added step to confirm video driver. 07/24/2012 - Added reference to KB 1004759. 12/18/2012 - Added View Manager 5.1.x to Product Versions. 11/05/2013 - Added View 5.2.x to Product Versions 12/03/2013 - Added View 5.3 to product versions

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