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VMware Tools installation fails to start the guest operating system daemon on 64-bit Linux Guest Operating Systems with the 32-bit glibc-common package installed (1023185)


VMware Tools require the 64-bit ldd (list dynamic dependencies) utility to configure the guest operating system daemon. The ldd utility requires the 64-bit glibc-common (GNU C common library) package to be installed. However, if the 32-bit glibc-common package is installed to overwrite the 64-bit glibc-common package, VMware Tools configuration fails to find the correct libraries for the guest operating system daemon.


The best practice is to install the 64-bit glibc-common package, not the 32-bit glibc-common package. However, if the 32-bit glibc-common package is required, perform the task that follows.

Note: Certain applications, such as versions of Oracle, require the installation of the 32-bit glibc-common package. Therefore, re-installation of the 64-bit glibc-common package might cause such applications on 64-bit Linux operating systems to fail. The workaround that follows is only for the installation and function of VMware Tools and should not interfere with or interrupt the operation of those applications.

  1. Install VMware Tools, but do not run the configuration program.
  2. Link the necessary libraries. For example, the following commands are appropriate when using the default installation paths:
    ln –s /usr/lib/vmware-tools/lib64/ /lib64/
    ln –s /usr/lib/vmware-tools/lib64/ /lib64/
  3. Run the configuration program. For example:

    The paths /usr/lib/vmware-tools/lib64 and /usr/bin/ refer to the default installation paths. If you specify custom paths during installation, use those customized paths for the preceding task.

Additional Information

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Update History

04/08/2011 - Updated to cover most 64-bit versions of Linux.

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