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HP’s CIM Providers sometimes fail to load on ESX Server 3i version 3.5 Update 3 (1009671)


During normal start up of the ESX Server 3i version 3.5 CIM environment (for example, when rebooting host), the “sfcbd” process performs an upcall query to the /interop namespace for an instance of CIM_RegisteredProfile. The loading of HP’s CIM Providers is dependent on this query. In some circumstances, when a WBEM client subscribes for indication notifications,  the “sfcbd” process fails to make this query and as a result the HP CIM Providers fail to get loaded.


If after system reboot or sfcbd restart, a WEBM client has subscribed for that server’s CIM indications but does not receive an indication notification that “HP Insight Management WBEM providers have started”, work around this issue as follows:
  1. Delete any existing indication subscriptions.
  2. Restart the System Management Agents within DUCI.
  3. Recreate the required indication subscriptions after the management agents have been restarted.

This issue is resolved in ESX Server 3.5 Update 4.

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