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Unregistered packages do not restore file-type associations correctly (1007970)



If file type associations are created using Thinreg.exe version 4.0.1-2837, any pre-existing file type associations might not be restored correctly when the virtual package is unregistered.
This affects customers who:
  • Have an application installed natively, like Office 2003,
  • Have used Thinreg version 4.0.1-2837 on a system-wide basis (/a flag) to register a different version of the application, like Office 2007, or have installed a ThinApp-4.0.1-2837 created .msi of a different version of the application.

    In this case, when the virtual application is unregistered (thinreg /a /u ) or is uninstalled from the Add/Remove Programs control panel applet, file type associations are not restored correctly to point to the native version of the application.


After unregistration of the virtual package, double-clicking on a file with one of the affected file types does not launch the native application.


Mitigating factors

  1. If Thinreg.exe was not used, or if any version of Thinreg.exe besides 4.0.1-2837 was used, the problem does not occur.
  2. If Thinreg.exe was used without the /a flag, some registry values are left behind, but they do not impact file type associations.
  3. If no application was installed natively that handled the same file types as the virtual package, some registry values are left behind but they do not impact file type associations
  4. As long as the virtual package is not unregistered or uninstalled, file type associations work as expected.


Before unregistering a package that was registered with Thinreg.exe version 4.0.1-2837, download the updated ThinApp 4.0.1-2866 release. Use the updated Thinreg.exe version 4.0.1-2837 to re-register the package.

  • If the package was registered using thinreg /a <path\*.exe> , use thinreg /a /r <path\*.exe>
  • If the package was registered by installing a ThinApp-generated .msi , use thinreg /a /r /noarp <path\*.exe>
  • If the package was already unregistered, a reinstall of the native application may be required

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