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Problem connecting to VMware Server (Linux) (1007477)


When you try to access a virtual machine on VMware Server through the VMware Server Console or Remote Console, the following error message might appear in a dialog box:
There was a problem connecting.
Cannot connect to host <name>: No connection could be made because the machine actively refused it.
Other software might produce the following error when attempting a connection to VMware Server:
Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused.
For a different condition, this error might appear:
Problem: 503 Service Unavailable
Trying to access a virtual machine remotely through the VMware Server Console or Remote Console is a good way to test network connectivity.


This solution is for both VMware Server 1.0.x and 2.0.x when hosted on Linux. For VMware Server hosted on Windows, see this article:
The 503 Service Unavailable condition has a simple solution: restart VMware management service:
sudo service mgmt-vmware restart
VMware Server requires a specific set of software packages, including xinetd for network connections. Some Linux distributions (such as Ubuntu) do not install xinetd by default. If that is the case, find and install the xinetd package.
When the host is unable to make connections on the VMware automation port (902 by default), the error messages shown above might appear. You can choose a different automation port, for example 904, in which case you would specify <vmwareserverhost>:904 when connecting.
If you see any similar connection-related error message, upgrade software packages on the Linux host. You might also have to reinstall VMware Server. Other conditions besides those listed above can cause connection problems; if you discover one, please report it with a Feedback message.
When installing VMware Server on a Linux host, follow the instructions for your distribution. Installation and configuration procedures for several recent Ubuntu releases are here on the Ubuntu community Web site:
Instructions for installing VMware Server on SUSE 10.x are here:
VMware Studio 1.0 required VMware Server for provisioning appliances. Follow installation instructions for VMware Server 1.0.6, and not 2.0.0, because the first release of VMware Studio is not compatible with VMware Server 2.0. VMware Studio 2.0 supports many other VMware provisioning platforms.

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