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Configuring the file (1007147)


  • Unable to connect to the Virtual Desktop Manager (VDM) environment when connecting through the security server
  • Connecting to the VDM environment fails


To resolve this issue, you must configure the file correctly.
The  file is a text file and can be created or edited using a text editor, such as Notepad.
To configure the file:
  1. Locate and open the text file using a text editor. If the file does not exist, create it.

    Note: The file is usually located at %ProgramFiles%\VMware\VMware VDM\Server\sslgateway\conf\

  2. Ensure that the entries for the externally resolvable name of the security server, the port number, and the client protocol are correct.

    For example:

    Also, ensure to add these lines to the file:



    keystore_name   is the name of your keystore, for example, keys.p12
    password  is the password you used while creating your keystore

  3. Save the file.
  4. Start or restart the VDM Security Server service.

    To start or restart the service:

    1. Click Start > Administrative Tools > Services.
    2. Click VMware VDM Security Server service and start or restart the service.

Additional Information

For related troubleshooting information, see Cannot connect through the security server (1006302).

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Update History

01/23/2013 - Added information related to keystore information

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