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Forcing a virtual machine to power off in VMware Fusion (1006215)


  • A virtual machine is not responding during the shut down process.
  • You cannot power off a virtual machine while it's running.
  • A virtual machine stops responding.


This article provides the steps to force a virtual machine to shut down.


Warning: When you perform a hard power off, this has the same effect as switching off the power switch on a physical computer. Only do this if it is absolutely necessary as it may cause data loss or file system corruption.

To force a virtual machine to power off:

  1. From the Fusion menu bar, click and hold on Virtual Machine.
  2. Press and hold down the Option (Alt) key. The menu option for Shut Down changes to Force Shut Down. (In Fusion 2.x and earlier, it changes to Power Off).
  3. Click Force Shut Down. (In Fusion 2.x and earlier, click Power Off).

Additional Information

In Fusion 5.x and below, you cannot shut down / power off virtual machines that are suspended; these virtual machines must first be turned on, and then shut down.  For more information, see Working with power options in VMware Fusion (1018242).

In Fusion 6.x and above, you can force shutdown a suspended virtual machine, by pressing the Option Key on the keyboard and selecting Force Shutdown in power options.
In Fusion 4.x and later, you can also click Virtual Machine > Shut Down in the menu bar and a pop up will reveal the options to shut down normally or to force shut down.

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Update History

04/08/2010 - Added additional information. concerning suspended virtual machines; added link to general article (1018242). 08/23/2012 - Added Fusion 5.x to Product Versions. 09/09/2013 - Added VMware Fusion 6.x to Product Versions. 08/25/2014 - Updated for Fusion 7.x

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