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Allowing SSH access to ESXi/ESX hosts with public/private key authentication (1002866)


This article provides steps to allow SSH access to ESXi/ESX hosts with public/private key authentication rather than with username/password authentication.


To allow SSH access to ESXi/ESX hosts with public/private key authentication:

  1. Generate public/private keys. For detailed instructions, see the OpenBSD Reference Manual section in the OpenBSD.

    • These instructions generate two files in ~/.ssh: id_rsa and
    • In ESXi 5.x, the ssh-keygen command is located at /usr/lib/vmware/openssh/bin.
    • The preceding link was valid as of November 26, 2013. If you find the link to be broken, provide feedback on the article and a VMware employee will update the article as necessary.

  2. On the remote host, store the public key content, in ~/.ssh/authorized_keys.

    • For ESXi 5.x and 6.0, the location of authorized_keys is: /etc/ssh/keys-<username>/authorized_keys
    • More than one key can be stored in this file.

  3. To allow root access, change PermitRootLogin no to PermitRootLogin yes in the /etc/ssh/sshd_config file.
  4. To disable password login, ensure that ChallengeResponseAuthentication and PasswordAuthentication are set to no.
  5. Reload the service:

    • For ESXi, run the command:

      /etc/init.d/SSH restart

    • For ESX, run the command:

      service sshd reload
For alternative solutions and more information on SSH, see Uploading an SSH Key to Your ESXi Host section in the VMware vSphere 5.5 documentation Center.

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Update History

09/05/2012 - Added location of authorized_keys for ESXi5.0 03/20/2013 - Added location path for ssh-keygen command in 5.x 07/11/2013 - Added ESXi command to reload the service

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