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Using SHA1sum to verify the integrity of copied files (2099397)

This article provides information on using SHA1sum to verify the integrity of files that you have copied over a network or between local disks. To use SHA1sum to verify the integrity of
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How to contact the VMware Education department (1033583)

This article provides you information on how to contact the VMware Education team. It also provides a list of issues for which you can contact the VMware Education team. Education related
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Kontaktaufnahme mit der VMware Education Abteilung (2056163)

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Cómo comprar y registrar Soporte Pago por Incidente para productos VMware (1035026)  Video

Este artículo detalla cómo comprar Soporte Pago por incidente, el cual incluye soporte telefónico, para productos VMware y explica además cómo registrar un
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FAQ: VMware Product Features and Functionality (1168)

This article provides answers to frequently asked questions about the features and functionality of VMware products. How can I find information regarding features and known issues for VMware
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VMware SDK Developer Support Program (1029840)

VMware now offers Developer Support services to assist you with best practices, sample code, and guidance for your vSphere integration or automation project. World-class support from seasoned
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Installing Spring Insight Developer (2005415)

Spring Insight for Developers provides visibility into the inner workings of your applications. It is a free development tool provided by SpringSource.   This article provides steps to install Spring
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How to purchase and file Pay Per Incident support for VMware products  (2014035)

This article details how to purchase Per Incident Support, which includes phone support for VMware products and how to submit Per Incident Support Requests. For more
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Considerations when upgrading bundled products (2036848)

The article provides information on what happens to the bundled products after upgrading. Upgrading certain license keys that are part of a bundle can result in different Support and
KB Article

Troubleshooting storage issues when using VMware products (2013160)

When using storage hardware in a virtualized environment, it is very important that this hardware remains in a healthy state, as it is the backbone of your environment. Without
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Redeeming Promo Codes (1032068)

This article provides steps to redeem promo codes that you receive during promotional offers. To redeem promo codes: 1) Go to the VMware Store. 2) From Datacenter Products, Desktop Products, or Upgrades dropdown,
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Backup Support for Dynamic Disks and GPT (in VDDK and VCB) (1003793)

What backup support does VMware offer for dynamic disk and GPT? This article describes VMware support in VDDK (Virtual Disk Development Kit) and VCB (VMware Consolidated Backup) for
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Troubleshooting guest operating system issues when using VMware Products (2013163)

When using operating systems in a virtualized environment, it is essential that you have the right tools to manage them. If issues arise, it is also critical to be
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Restoring a virtual machine fails when VMconfig includes an extra config key ( (2059585)

Creating a virtual machine for a restore operation fails with the error: A specified parameter was not correct This issue
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Passing a screen-ticket to VMware vSphere VMRC SDK 5.1 Connect API fails with the error: An internal Error occurred (2043704)

· When passing a screen-ticket and attempting to connect to vSphere VMRC, you see this error in the vSphere VMRC logs: An
KB Article

Uploading large files to the FTP site for vFabric/SpringSource support (1037333)

· Unable to upload attachments via the VMware support portal. · Attachments via email are too large or are screened out by security software VMware recommends that you
KB Article

Snapshot consolidation after backing up a virtual machine fails with the error: Failed to consolidate disks in Foundry: Error: (15) The file is already in use (2007245)

· After backing up virtual machines, you see a virtual machine is left with
KB Article

vSphere ESX/ESXi hardware status sensors return different cached values in API than in vSphere Client (1037330)

PowerCLI and other API methods may report different sensor values for ESX/ESXi host status, as compared to the vSphere Client connected to
KB Article

Virtual Disk Development Kit library reports the error: Failed to open NBD extent, NBD_ERR_GENERIC (1022543)

· You cannot open <VM Name>.vmdk files · You see the error: Failed to open NBD extent, NBD_ERR_GENERIC · Virtual Disk Development Kit (VDDK)
KB Article

Performing common virtual machine-related tasks with command-line utilities (2012964)

This article provides a side-by-side comparison of performing virtual machine-related tasks using different VMware utilities and command line methods. In these
KB Article

购买和提交 VMware 产品按次付费事件支持 (2082961)

免责声明:本文为 Purchasing and filing Pay Per Incident support for VMware products (2014035)的翻译版本。尽管我们会不断努力为本文提供最佳翻译版本,但本地化的内容可能会过时。有关最新内容,请参见英文版本。 本文提供了如何购买按次付费事件支持(包括 VMware
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How to create a virtual machine through SDK API/method call (2017436)

This article provides steps to create a virtual machine through SDK API/method call using vSphere Web Services SDK 5.0. You can use CreateVM_Task API/method to create a new virtual
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Special characters in the community string for SNMP traps are not retained (1023998)

· When configuring an ESX 4.0 or 4.1 host for SNMP traps with a community string containing special characters, such as a hyphen or an ampersand, the string is
KB Article

Windows Host Restart on Computer with Seven or More USB Controllers (1215)

On Windows hosts, versions of VMware Workstation and VMware GSX Server with USB support are designed for systems with up to six USB host controllers. If you have more than
KB Article

vSphere SDK for Perl Sample scripts fail on SUSE 11 with the error: Server version unavailable (2006112)

This issue occurs when the libwww-perl module is updated. The version causing this issue is perl-libwww-perl-5.816-2.23.1. The working version
KB Article

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